How We Got Together

The Beggars

Renee Stuart and Quinton all have a strong connection to the Australian land.

Renee Donaghey was a musical child born on a farm in Esperance in Western Australia. When her family was forced off the land by hard times her grand dad went back to cattle droving on horseback a trade he had learned as a boy and her dad went to driving long haul trucks.

Quinton Dunne and Stuart Day have also done their time on the road. They paid their dues over many years in touring bands traveling from the big cities to the country towns and outback communities often playing 300 shows a year in all kinds of venues from pubs, schools, community halls, theatres and sometimes when they were way off the beaten track just setting their show up on the red earth its self.

Renee’s auditioned for the band Stuart and Quinton were playing with and her crystal clear voice won her the gig. In 2006 the three of them decided to break away and form The Beggars so they could play their own songs.

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