The Desert Flower album launch and Tour

Following on from The Beggars internationally acclaimed 2006 debut album “Beggars” the “Desert Flower” album. The new album will be on sale for 1/2 price at  each launch.

The Singing Gallery at 7.30pm on Sep, 12. Ph. 0413 358 618 

The Gov  at 4pm on Sunday Sep, 13. Ph 08 8340 0744

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Living here in Adelaide we are on the fringes of the great desert where the vastness of the sky dwarfs everything else we are reminded how small we are. When it rains out here life races to be lived that’s when you will see The Desert Flower.

We are all very excited about taking the new album on the road and playing some gigs. So bring it on! The tour will start in Adelaide and then go through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and on to the World Music conference in Denmark. New tour dates will be announced on our Gig page.

“We are just a quiet little acoustic band from Adelaide who made an album in 2006. That album was like a magic carpet that took us for a ride through Europe. I can’t wait to see where this album will take us.”

“The Desert Flower is a fragile and beautiful thing but it is also tough enough to survive in a hard land.”

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