I am having a little holiday before the tour.

Full Length WebI am in Malaysia for a family holiday before the start of the Desert Flower tour it’s the school holidays and my partner Mon needs some time away from the stress of her job  so it’s good timing. It should be great with some hot weather and time in Penang , langkawe and KL. The Beggars launched the new record at two small shows in Adelaide last weekend one intimate basically acoustic show with the three of us singing and playing to one large diaphragm condenser mic (I do love that sound) the other show used a full mic up and bugs on all the instruments in a big room at The Gov and I am glad to say the new material feels really good to play live. It was really more like a pre launch because the record will not be available until the tour in October. I still don’t have all the tour dates and I guess I should be nervous about that. There are three agents booking the shows the one booking the middle of the tour has only told us his dates will be full with only Mondays off so I will just trust him and I do but I don’t even know for sure what countries we are playing definitely Germany and Switzerland but beyond that I don’t know. I will try and get the tour dates that I have got posted soon.

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