Big Sound, Control and me.

Stu Renne and I singing on radio free fm in Germany

Stu Renne and I singing on radio free fm in Germany

I went to Big Sound in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was a really well organized and useful music event with great panels heaps of showcases and some good opportunities for networking. It was also an opportunity to reconnect with other music managers and take part in the 12 month review of Control which is a music managers mentoring program. I was part of the group of 15 managers in the program and a dozen of us made it to Brisbane for the review it is really good to hear what other managers are up to and to talk to other folks about the biz. I am in a different place to most or the other managers because I am a self managed artist too so I see the music biz from both sides of the fence. Its weird every time I go to one of these things I have a small identity crisis about these two roles. They must stay separate and fundamentally it comes down to the reason I am and have always been in the biz and that is for the music.


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