Tour Diary

Renee's view of the Neuchatel gig

Renee's view of the Neuchatel gig

The gigs in the City Hotel are last Minuit ones that our Swiss agent pulled to fill for the cancelled dates. The venue is a large restaurant in Brunnen, because of the size of the room we have to put in the pa system we are carrying and do a full mic up. The shows remind me of shows I use to do back in Australia, folks are smoking like they use to in Aus years ago, we play fairly loud and everyone talks over the top of our three or four sets. I am impressed that some of the folks who came to the Friday gig come back and bring their friends to the Saturday show and these tables all buy CDs. On Saturday the weather turns to cold rain and snow and we are all stuck inside for the day the weather has been really good till now but I can see how this could get tedious really quick. I resolve that for future tours  I will get contracts with guarantees whether we play or not and to will tour in the warmer months next time. Today is Sunday and a day off for us

2 thoughts on “Tour Diary

  1. Good day good folks, we are so excited to hear that you will be available for a live interview and perhaps a few songs on our radio programme this weekend. “Get the Folk outta Bed!” is heard on Bern’s listner-supported station every Saturday morning between 8 and 11 a.m. CET.
    We are looking forward to seeing you in Oberlangenegg on Friday night.
    Love the music, happy to share the joy it brings.

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