Happy new year/decade and my thoughts on the future of the music

The Beggars want to wish you, your family and friends a Great 2010 and all the best for the new decade. And I would like to personally reflect on the spectacular changes in the music industry that this decade has brought and what they mean for little indie bands like us. 30 years ago when I started in the music biz there was no room for the independent. One reason for that was the cost of entry into the business it was so expensive to record and produce product that independents could not get a start but the main reason was the majors: who controlled the industry. They owned the business and if they didn’t invite you in you were out!

When the majors signed an Australia artist they signed a ‘territory the world’ deal which meant your music would never get released outside of Australia. Because the head office, usually in the USA would have its own Artist & Repertoire department pushing its own signings so they would not stand for the labels resources working against their own pet artists.  Today independent artists are able to record and produce and promote albums and videos around the world on budgets that are a tiny fraction of what it use to cost. Surely this systemic shift in the industry will stimulate creativity and a lot of great music and artists will see the light of day. Artists that the majors would have crushed like weeds while they tended their garden of favoured acts will grow and produce new music.  The downside is that it’s very hard for anyone to make money and survive in this new environment so I guess we can look forward to more “interesting times” in the next decade.

The past year was a productive one for The Beggars we were able write and record our second album “Desert Flower” and things have started happening for us in Europe, we made our second tour over there playing 14 concerts in October and arranged a January 2010 release for “Desert Flower”. But the highlight of the year for us is the way European Radio really got behind “The Banjo Song” the first single from Desert Flower and pushed it to the top of the European CMA chart. ECMA is the oldest Country music chart in Europe and its also very pleasing to see so many other indie Aussie artists represented on the ECMA chart.

Happy New Year

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