German Reviews English translations

German Reviews – English translations

I put all the German reviews for Desert Flower through Google translate: here are a few highlights – and thanks to the reviewers!

Powerful and vivid – they compare favorably with their U.S. counterparts and are better than much of what is currently being heard in the American country charts.

Country and Folk has won a huge number of followers in Europe but only rarely do we find a small acoustic band, with a great natural country-campfire feeling like “The Beggars.” The songs ignite immediately and not just because of the wonderful, crystal clear and authentic voice of Roots style singer- Renee. For a comparison I have to think of song writing greats such as Johnny Cash or Van Morrison.

Their second album, “Desert Flower” once again finds the space between country and folk. While listening to the compact songs you immediately think of greats like GRAM PARSONS, VAN MORRISON, JOHNNY CASH, or the FAIRPORT CONVENTION. The crystal-clear voiced Renee Donghey sounds like a conglomeration of Emmylou Harris, Joan Baez and Linda Ronstadt. Quiet songs, great voices, harmonious melodies and excellent storytelling distinguish “Desert Flower.  Rarely, are the songs longer than three minutes. Only the nearly six-minute phlegmatic “Carolina blows to this framework and is the highlight of” Desert Flower “.

Very nice, finally something again from Australia! The focus of the Australians is quite clearly on the songs themselves, as there are no extended solo escapades. Also noticeable is approximately two thirds of the “Desert Flower” tracks do not even reach the three minute limit despite being unpretentious you can hear clearly we are dealing here with world-class musicians, The instrument diversity and use of all kinds, acoustic stringed instruments contributes immensely to the rich tone on this disc.

At 5:41 minutes “Carolina”, a haunting, melancholy ballad, is the longest track on “Desert Flower”. And here there is a lonely desert feel; you sit tired before a crackling campfire, possessed by a paralyzing melancholy, in the great void, or the great expanse in the mind’s eye. This is in a class of its own and makes this a truly great track.

A class asset for country / folk-lovers!

“Desert Flower” 15 acoustic country and folk songs that stand out for their simplicity and a heavenly warm sound (especially the double bass). Simple, but beautiful melodies, including a few cover versions (“If I Could Only Win Your Love,” “Wildwood Flower,” “I’ll never find another you”), coupled with fine harmony vocals and an earthy and, above all handmade instrumentation – these are the simple and yet completely sufficient ingredients for an unpretentious album that is like his namesake, the desert flower, a fragile, beautiful creature in a harsh and difficult environment.

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