Promote our music on iTunes

If you are an iTunes user and have an account, you can promote The Beggars music on your countries iTunes.  It’s very easy, Ill describe how in detail a bit later. You can make an iMix containing music you like and including your favorite Beggars songs. You can also write a review for our albums and give them a rating. This is all really helpful especially on iTunes platforms outside of Australia where our Australian fans don’t have accounts. Of course I would be happy to do the same for international bands on the Australian itunes platform.

How to create an iMix

Here is is as a video

An iMix is a playlist (that is, a list of songs) that you’ve chosen to publish and make available to others in the iTunes Music Store. You can only make an iMix playlist using the iTunes software.

To make a playlist, open your iTunes software and:

Click on File and then select “New Playlist”.

Under the Source bar on the left, the words “New Playlist” will appear. You then need to name your playlist. The name you give it is how it will appear in the iTunes Music Store. It could be that the songs have a theme or are a good soundtrack for an activity this could be the title of your iMix.

Add songs to your playlist. You can click and drag songs from your iTunes library into your playlist, and/or you can also drag any song (even songs you don’t own!) from the iTunes Music store into your playlist.In your iMix, place one or two Beggars songs and some songs from other artists that you like. Make as many iMixes as you like.

Click on the arrow next to the playlist to publish. When you are publishing the mix check out the “iMix Notes” field. Take a few moments to write something and describe/talk about your playlist. A great description combined with high rating increases the odds people will discover your playlist.

Reviews and ratings

Positive reviews also help introduce new people to the music. The iMix, album and reviews can all be rated.

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