The Beggars with Trev Warner at The Folk Centre on 20/11/10

One thought on “The Beggars with Trev Warner at The Folk Centre on 20/11/10

  1. Hello Stuart , This is Shane ,the late Brenton Wills mate. Good to see you are back in the saddle. Carol Will tells me it was a great gig at the Festival. You really dig getting into the Folk roots material. Will search to see if you have a you tube vid or other. Iused toplay in Arts bands and Punk groups in the late 70s and early 80s. At Art School it was The Retards, aroung the Iron Triangle it was Buster Hymen and the Penatreators and various garage bands. Some old mates at Brompton are looking to get some jams going. Iwas on bas or drums and sometimes lead depending on who was most out of it and couldnt keep irt together….y0uknow how it is, musical music instruments under heavy chemical duress. I am getting into music fusion to see if some new sounds can be sought. Love the challenge of doing anything original. The day job is painting pictures full time. Got a show in MArch next year and work in another day job a couple of days a week.

    Hope al is good with you and yours. Keep ya mojo ticking over mate. See ya in the soup.

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