New tour and gig dates and album

New tour, gig dates and album

Just posted – The Beggars new gig and tour dates including:  Valentines Day dinner – thats Monday the 14th of February at Mick O’Shay’s main South Rd Hackam plus CD launch dates which are in April in Adelaide  & Melbourne and some new German tour dates for May. This European tour is 4 weeks long so there will be plenty more tour dates and Ill post them as soon as they are confirmed.

We recorded and mixed the new album in just 7 days at Sody pop in Adelaide and  Damien Gerard Studios in Sydney. It went down really fast  and was very easy to mix and that is a  really good sign. The working title is Australian Songbook and its a collection of great Australian songs,  some old ones like Waltzing Matilda and and some modern ones like Paul Kelly’s Too Her Door.  In the shots below you can see Stu playing his fiddle into Sody Pops new microphone – a reissue of the old ribbon microphones made famous by great crooners like Bong Crosby.  It gives a fantastic warm sound especial on the vocals in fact the whole album has a great acoustic sound and  vibe. I think it’s got the feel of  a really well recorded live show.

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