The Whale





Good to see the our song The Whale is back on the iTunes world music charts. This time its popped up on the Canadian chart.

The iTunes chart archive at is a great resource.

5 thoughts on “The Whale

  1. I bought The Whale and absolutely love it. My 11-year-old sings it with me constantly and I’d love the tab so I could play along on my guitar. Would you be willing to share? (I could try and fake it but I don’t want to dishonor the song)

    • I am going to put all the chords for the Australian songbook up at iTunes. But that will take a bit of time so here is a rough sketch [/ means repeat same chord again on the next beat]

      The Whale.
      They sailed from port one morning the weather it was fair
      A gentle breeze it pushed them and no one gave a care
      They sang and danced and laughed that night and opened up a keg
      They’re out to catch the monster whale that took the captain’s leg
      The Captain said, “A piece of gold for him who sees me whale
      So bend your backs and row me boys I know that we won’t fail!”
      So bend your backs and row me lads and take me to me whale
      Tonight we’ll sing and dance and tomorrow night we’ll sail
      We’ll sail into the harbour no prouder man there’ll be
      We’ll show them all we captured the monster from the sea
      [Same for the next verse]
      They spied the whale one morning the weather it was fair
      The men were white as ghosts, the Captain didn’t care
      “I’ll take this whale meself” he cried “the weak can stay behind
      The strong can share my glory and tonight they’ll share my wine”
      The whale it came so close it was bigger than the sky
      They lowered down the longboat and they heard the captain cry
      Bend your backs and row me lads and take me to me whale…
      The whale it came so close it almost tipped the boat
      The captain took his harpoon and rammed it down it’s throat
      The whale it gave a mournful cry and lifted it’s great tail
      And brought it down a crashing on their small boat like a gale
      Now 100 years have passed since the Captain and his men
      Went down to spend eternity in Davy Jones’ den
      The whale it goes on living but inside it bears a scar
      And if you’re ever near that place a voice calls from afar…
      Bend your backs and row me lads and take me to me whale…

  2. I love the Whale and I was hoping to sing it in a festival but I can’t find the sheet music anywhere!
    Can anyone help me out?
    Thank You in advance!

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