Susie’s Saturday Night House Concert and a new youtube post

Just posted a new Beggars video at youtube, this one is an original called Carry My Load.  For those who like their music live we are playing a house concert/fundraiser for variety club on Saturday night in glen Osmond

Experience the superb vocals of The Beggars. The very talented Renee Donaghey, Quinton Dunn and Stuart Day individually brilliant but when they sing together it’s amazing, “the best Australian vocal band since the Seekers” (Normie Rowe). This is a House Party in the leafy suburbs of Glen Osmond overlooking the City of Adelaide, which suits The Beggars style of Australian music. It will be an evening to remember.

When:           11th February 2012

Time:              7.30pm – 11.30pm

Where:          Glen Osmond

Cost:               Pre-Sale $20

Door Cost $25

Contact:        Susie 83795102 or email


This is a fundraiser for the V2 Classic Motorbike Run held by Variety, The Children’s Charity. BYOG however there will be a very limited bar if needed, and  supper will be provided.

Bikes 13 and 32 Raising funds for children in need through the Variety V2 Classic Bike Run


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