Queensland Tour

We are at the end of week three and this tour has been our strongest yet. Most of the theatres are full and the feedback from the folks after the shows is really good. So are the CD sales with the Australian Songbook CD almost sold out. (We still have plenty of band T-shirts if any one wants)
The Pilbeam Theatre in Rockhampton was a highlight for me. Stu and I saw Slim Dusty play there some time around 1997. He put on a great show in front of a totally rapt and quite diverse crowd. The experience completely changed my opinion about the power of Australia roots/country/folk music. 15 years later we are singing from the same stage. wow.
Just one more show left on the tour. Tuesday 11am at the Logan Entertainment Centre and we will fly out that afternoon.

20121130-180803.jpgThe sound check at the Brolga Theatre Marybrough

20121130-180812.jpgAt The Events Centre Caloundra

20121130-180839.jpgSound checking at Pilbeam Theatre

20121130-180854.jpgPilbeam Theatre from the street

20121130-181104.jpgThe hotel pool is pretty good

20121130-181115.jpgBut nothing beats a tropical Queensland swimming hole

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