Is anyone traveling USA to Adelaide?

 I am looking for someone to bring a bass over from the USA to Adelaide where I live.  I’m touring more these days so I want to get a travel/fold up Double Bass and the best ones are made by Charlie Chadwick in Nashville. It will take Charlie about 8 weeks to set a bass up for me so that’s around December. The shipping in the US is free to any address but shipping to Adelaide [Fed Ex] is $800 so if you are travelling this way and able to bring it that would be sweet. It is suitcase size and weighs 50lb / 22kg and should check in to fly no worries. I would be happy to pay any excess baggage, taxi fare, meet you at the airport, give you some money, buy beer and dinner or whatever works for you.

0cc4littlecase 0cc5trunk bpr1112_bn_makers_ph1.indd

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