Victorian Tour Diary

We just finished touring SING and our last tour for 2013.The next time we perform the SING show is in March at the Nexus Cabaret room at part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival. This Vic trip was a great little tour. We played seven concerts in Victoria with shows in Melbourne, Dandenong, Warragul, Casterton, Warnambool and Ararat and I would love to go back an play them all again. Our decision go with a smaller band and tour the show as a trio  proved to be a good one. It streamlined the setup ,sound and flow of the concerts it also put more focus on the songs and the Beggars vocal performances.  



first show on the tour in the Lighthouse Theater 


Lighthouse sound-check


Drum Theater before the show


Drum Theater


Last show on the tour in the Ararat arts Center

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