SING tour Vic

Getting from Adelaide to Bendigo to start the tour was a little bumpy. Renee and I were run off the road on Sunday by a sleepy truck driver out side of  Horsham, we are both fine thanks to her cat like reflexes and the good luck of having 50 meters of cleared scrub to bush bash our way through just at that spot on the highway where we ran off . Stu did not travel over with us so he flew in on Monday morning to meet us at the theater and his flight was an hour late so he just made it. Whew!  The concerts were all return performances and all great. First was The Capital Bendigo a beautiful old theatre then The Clocktower in Melbourne and then the Colac OPACC before heading out for a run of concerts in the bush.

Renee telling them! at The Capital Bendigo


empty house at the Clocktower Centre in Melbourne, that’s my new Chadwick folding bass which folds to suitcase size, thanks to Richard Hibbs for bringing it over from the USA


Clocktower Centre full – Renee is telling them again.



 Clocktower selfie


Quinton’s POV at the Colac Otway Performing Arts and Cultural Centre



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