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All the hits are here.  “I’ll Never Find Another You”, “The Carnival is Over”, “Morningtown Ride” and, of course, “Georgie Girl”, they are all are faithfully re-produced, along with Beggar’s originals and rollicking standards such as “Open Up Them Pearly Gates” and “Sinner Man”. The Beggars Sing The Seekers is a musical homage to The Seekers. From their early days in the Melbourne cafe scene in 1962 to London, the swinging centre of the pop universe, The Seekers were on a rollercoaster of hits! Their 1968 BBC TV breakup special Farewell The Seekers was watched by millions and after a stellar 50 year career they are still as popular as ever. Presented in wonderful harmony by internationally acclaimed Adelaide folk sensation The Beggars.

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