Sing Australia

The Beggars second shoot 292 smaller

The Beggars present with tremendous style and skill, drawing songs from our history, school days, the telly, the bush,

the radio, the road and our hearts.These songs range from folk classics and huge 1960s pop hits

 to The Beggars own compositions. They are treasures and all part of our Australian Songbook.

They even have a suggestion or two for our new national anthem. The Beggars are multi instrumentalist Stuart Day,

double bassist Quinton Dunne and Australian songbird Renee Donaghey, they are consummate musicians and achieve a stunning vocal harmony blend.


Audience comments

“Great music – Wonderful harmony singing.”

“Their repertoire is amazing. The group is magnificent – so talented.”

“They sounded great and it was hilarious.”

“The sensational talent of the musicians. The amazing harmonies. A diversity of music. Thank you for a wonderful night’s entertainment.”

“What a fabulous trio, talented, amusing very entertaining. Thank you.”

The Beggars  Reviews

“The best Australian vocal band since the seekers” Normie Rowe
“World-class musicians” rock times [Germany] 2010
“Super Australian band: Renee Donaghey is a genius.” Bote der urschweiz Lucerne. Feb 2008. [Switzerland]
“Her (Renee’s) voice leaves no doubt, perfect.” HAZ Hanover Feb 2008 [Germany]
“10/10 I have always said that there’s some great music coming from down under and this is a fine example!!” Metrocountry May 2007 [UK]


Australian Songbook is high quality music production with a flexible and simple design that’s easy to bump and set. Projected images provide backgrounds for each song and an interval can be incorporated into an extended performance if required. 

The Beggars

The Beggars Back-story

In 2006 Stuart Renee and Quinton decided to form The Beggars and record their own songs. Songs from their first two albums caught the ears of European DJs and put The Beggars on the charts across the E.U. with The Banjo Song going to the number one spot. Their third Album Australian Songbook Vol 1 launched them on the Australian concert circuit. The band now has 5 albums. They have made 4 tours of Europe and become a regular feature on the Australian touring circuit.

Tech and Marketing DOWNLOADS 

the blue links are for image audio powerpoint and pdf files and the images are thumbnail links to the hi res images





The Beggars short Bio


Sing Australia stage and tech


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