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  1. to the Beggars,
    I am bringing a group of 9 adult students to your show at the Drum Wed 26th Oct. I teach migrant English and use songs, poetry and art to teach Australian history. May I have the list of songs you plan to perform, please, so that we can prepare? Last term we learnt 7 songs and performed them for our Narre Learning centre, accompanied by a blind violinist.
    Each student had to introduce a song and give its background. (waltzing matilda, click go the shears, lime juice tub, drovers dream, wild colonial boy, national anthem, road to gundagai) hope to hear from you, regards, Liz Benn

  2. Thanks for the invite for Sunday Nov 13 I have a bit on and also getting ready for the Folk Centre 40th next weekend My wife and I are hosting the Bushwackers for that weekend, we might find the time, you guys are so good and looking at your gig guide for the rest of the year, do you ever stop, If I don’t make it on Sunday please have a good gig and all the best for the remaining year, Graham Wegener.

  3. Hi Quinten, I notice you are coming to Dandenong 1/11/13. I plan to take a group of migrants who are learning literacy and Australian culture. May I have a list of the songs you plan to perform, please? We need lots of time to learn the songs. Thank you, in anticipation. Elisabeth Benn

  4. wow,
    i heard today on you tube your version of janis joplins mercedes benz….
    i must say very better than the original…..


    (sorry for my awful english…..i am not a native Speaker ;-))
    kindly regards…..Frank

  5. We caught your show in Denham, and loved it. Bought a couple of CD’s. I have 2 questions / points – (1) do you have a Christmas Carol Album? I have searched iTunes but can’t find one. I know you do some excellent ones mixed in with other albums, but was looking for a dedicated Christmas Album. (2) Please come to Perth in 2014, as I (us) would love to see your show again.

      • Hi guys, I am touching base again after we spoke to you guys on Tribe FM 91.1 some time back, and was told you may send us some of your cd’s for airplay. If you have any that you would like to go on our playlist, please send them to Tribe FM 91.1, P.O Box 810 Willunga SA 5172

        Thanks Damien Hancock Station Management Tribe FM 91.1

  6. Hi Beggars
    My name is Jenny and Im a preschool teacher. My group of 4 year olds was studying pirates and we came across your song the whale. We watched the animation and learnt the words to the song which they love but I want to sing it at the Christmas concert and get the parents to join in. I have trouble syncing the words and the animation on the computer in the classroom and the monitor is a bit small. I would like to buy a copy of the song/animation to upload on my computer so that I can use it with the projector in the concert for the parents to sing along – its a long song and my kids really only know the first verse and the chorus well. hoping you will get back to me, Jenny

  7. We Have just returned from your performance in Toowoomba – GREAT —— BUT —- A BIG BUT —- PLEASE when you return can we have the sound volume down – It really was too loud JOHN

  8. Hi there Beggars three……I am a founding member and presenter on Tribe FM 91.1 , a community radio station based in Willunga SA, on the fleurieu, and we have your music in our overnight music playlist on high rotation…..would labsolutley love the chance to haveyou in to the studio to promote your ” Seekers Tribute Show’ coming up…..please feel free to give me a call on 043 77 888 50 and we will take it from there. Keep up the great work.

  9. Hi, I work for an Australian charity and was wondering if we could use one of your tunes (The Whale Song) for a song we’ve written. We’d use this song for an awareness video. Please email me, I’ll wait to hear from you.

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