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The Beggars Sing The Seekers Flyer copy

Queensland Concerts

We just played four concerts in Queensland, venues covered quite a  range from the Dolby Bowls club through to the Matthew Flinders Theater in Buderim, The Logan Entertainment Center and brand new The new Empire Theater in Toowoomba all the shows were all quite different but all wonderful.



On Stage at the Logan Entertainment center


At the Matthew Flinders in Buderim

photophoto 2

The stage before the show and a selfie during the Empire Theater show.

Bring/send the Beggars to Denmark

Please help the Beggars get to Skagen Folk Festival in 2015 by asking the festival to program us. Just go to the Skagen web page  and enter your name and email address and request The Beggars and 2 other artists [Kunstner] play the 2015 festival. Maybe they will ask us to come back to Denmark..


Beggars Can Be seekers


Beggars Can Be Seekers is a cabaret celebration of The Seekers wonderful fifty year career. Featuring Adelaide’s own international vocal group The Beggars: Renee Donaghey, Stuart Day, Quinton Dunne and guest musician Dennis Surmon. The show is playing in Adelaide in June with performances in four suburban theatres and then on June 27 and 28 at 8pm in the Nexus Cabaret, corner of Morphett St. and North Terrace $28/$23 book at or get tickets at the door prior to the show.

“The best Australian vocal band since The Seekers” Normie Rowe[Australia] 2011

The Beggars sound is often compared to The Seekers. Little wonder! When Stuart was 6 years old he saved up his pocket money to buy The Seekers Sing Their Big Hits and listened to it ceaselessly.  He and ten million others wept as they watched The Seekers final TV special. Quinton toured with The Seekers on one of their 1990s Australian tours, and Judith Durham was an original inspiration for Renee to take up singing.

From the Seekers early days in the Melbourne cafe scene to London, swinging centre of the 1960s pop universe, they rode a rollercoaster of pop/folk hits! In 1968 their BBC TV breakup special Farewell The Seekers broke TV viewing records and their popularity has not faded with the years. In a career with more comebacks than Dame Nellie Melba and John Farnham the Seekers 50th anniversary tour is their final farewell.

Nexus A6 flyer copy for

SING tour Vic

Getting from Adelaide to Bendigo to start the tour was a little bumpy. Renee and I were run off the road on Sunday by a sleepy truck driver out side of  Horsham, we are both fine thanks to her cat like reflexes and the good luck of having 50 meters of cleared scrub to bush bash our way through just at that spot on the highway where we ran off . Stu did not travel over with us so he flew in on Monday morning to meet us at the theater and his flight was an hour late so he just made it. Whew!  The concerts were all return performances and all great. First was The Capital Bendigo a beautiful old theatre then The Clocktower in Melbourne and then the Colac OPACC before heading out for a run of concerts in the bush.

Renee telling them! at The Capital Bendigo


empty house at the Clocktower Centre in Melbourne, that’s my new Chadwick folding bass which folds to suitcase size, thanks to Richard Hibbs for bringing it over from the USA


Clocktower Centre full – Renee is telling them again.



 Clocktower selfie


Quinton’s POV at the Colac Otway Performing Arts and Cultural Centre




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