Sing The Seekers

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50 years ago the Seekers 1968 BBC farewell concert was broadcast to 10 million fans. The Beggars Sing The Seekers is a concert celebration of The Seekers wonderful career. Featuring Adelaide’s own international vocal group The Beggars: Renee Donaghey, Stuart Day and Quinton Dunne. The show can also be presented as a quartet.

From their early days in the Melbourne cafe scene to London, swinging centre of the 1960s pop universe, The Seekers rode a rollercoaster of pop/folk hits! In 1968 their BBC TV breakup special Farewell The Seekers broke TV viewing records and their popularity has not faded with the years. In a career with more comebacks than Dame Nellie Melba and John Farnham.

The Beggars sound is often compared to The Seekers. Little wonder! When Stuart was 6 years old he saved up his pocket money to buy The Seekers Sing Their Big Hits and listened to it ceaselessly.  He and ten million others wept as they watched The Seekers final TV special. Quinton toured with The Seekers on one of their 1990s Australian tours, and Judith Durham was an original inspiration for Renee to take up singing. Since 2006 the three Beggars have made beautiful country folk and pop music together with a focus on the power of vocal harmony. They are brilliant singer songwriters with a crystal clear Australian acoustic sound. Their handmade music has climbed iTunes and European radio charts, and made them a regular feature on the Australian and European touring circuits.

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