May Australian Songbook tour

The May tour was the last outing for Australian Songbook, for now anyway, with the new SING! album and show kicking of  June 11th. The tour took in South Australian, Victorian and New South Wales dates so a lot of driving and some great concerts along the way. They were all fantastic but some of the stand outs for me were the very elegant Keyenton Town Hall, the spectacular Glasshouse Theatre in Pt Macquarie and especially the last show at Hamilton which was a just so enthusiastic received, with the audience breaking into applause during the intros of some songs.. I want to thank all the audiences, management of all the theatres, sound and light crews and front of house staff for making every thing run so smoothly on what was a great tour!

Here is review of the Keyenton Show from Justin Charleson /Macedon Ranges Shire Council

“Loved working with the beggars, from the start of sound check till we closed the doors they filled our theatre with melodies and stories of the Australian spirit that has transcended hardship and embraced its own rugged identity. Beautiful harmonies soaring across a show case of folk instruments and virtuosity of musicianship. Referencing an Australian song writing tradition that has oft been over looked and over shadowed by mainstream music media. The stories within the Australian Songbook are relevant to the young and old, the urban and rural, the music lover and those that thirst for a yarn or love to reminisce.”


first show of the tour – Barossa Valley Arts & Convention Center



Glasshouse Theatre in Pt Macquarie – soundcheck


One I took on-stage. 


Renee, Trev and Stu Jamming in the Hotel in Dalesford.


Kyenton Town Hall – sound-check.

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