Qld Tour

We started our Qld tour flying from Adelaide to Townsville on Monday and driving out to Charters Towers for the first show which was in The World Theatre then on to shows in the Budekin Theatre and the Johnstone Shire Hall which is in Innisfail. We are now at the end of week two which has included shows in Cairns, Townsville, Proserpine and Mackay and as the tour has gone on the shows, audiences and venues have gotten bigger. The folks seem to really like the show and our current fiddle player Andrew Clermont. Andrew seems to know folks all over this part of the country and he has hooked up some little house concerts for our down days. Which should be fun.

Townsville airport – Stu with our instruments


The World Theatre – Charters Towers

Sound check at the Townsville Civic Theatre

Townsville Civic Theatre

Soundcheck at the Mackay Entertainment Centre

Soundcheck at the Burdekin Theatre with Dave the sound tech setting the monitor mix

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